Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Be careful what you eat, increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables and forget about fats, fried foods and sugars

As the years go by, it can be more difficult to lose weight, even eating healthy and exercising. Are you a woman and over 40? Then maybe you’re going through this.

Do not despair, below we will tell you everything you need to know to get rid of those extra kilos, without exposing your health or having to resort to ‘miracle’ diets or related methods.

Fighting the extra pounds can be a difficult task at any age, not only when you are over 40. However, when you turn forty, it is true that there is an added difficulty , because the body works differently.

Starting at age forty, the body begins to respond differently to diet and exercise. Calories are no longer burned as easily as they were at twenty, and the energy level is also not the same.

Still, hope should not be lost. It is possible to lose weight after forty in a healthy way. 

Tips to lose weight after 40

If you are a woman and over 40, although you should especially follow the advice of your doctor, you can take into account these tips that we are going to share for you to lose weight.

Convince yourself that it is possible

It is difficult, of course, but not impossible. One of the biggest limitations that we can find when wanting to lose weight is not getting results in the short or medium term. Not to despair, that the benefits will take notice, but will come.

Some women think that it is no longer worth dieting or exercising because there will be no positive effect, but they are wrong. If you can lose weight, you will feel much better and reduce the chances of heart problems if you start eating healthier.

Exercise the right way

You are no longer as old as for an energetic spinning session or climbing a mountain. No problem. The good news is that there are almost as many exercises as there are people or needs in the world. It is therefore important to choose among those that adapt to the requirements, either by age or another factor.

The movements must be pleasant and you must have a great time. Nothing to be forced because that will not help you, quite the opposite. Start with 30 minutes three times a week and add little more time. Cycle, walk or take your dog for a walk.

Respect meal times

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day and then you should reduce your intake until you reach a light dinner. It is advisable to make three main and two secondary meals, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

This way you will not be hungry and the body will do its job of reducing calories by digesting. Be careful what you eat and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables (if possible raw). In addition, it leaves out fried foods, sugars and fats. Remember that alcohol is also not good for your health.

  • A good formula to know how many calories you should eat is: multiply your ideal weight in pounds X 10 if you don’t exercise, X 13 if you exercise once or twice a week and X 15 if you exercise more than three times a week.

Consider natural supplements

If you are a woman over 40, you should know that the amount of collagen that the body produces the body at this age is less, almost 50% less. This can affect your body, not only when it comes to the skin.

Collagen deficiency weakens bones and joints. Consume natural supplements that in turn will help you fight stretch marks, cellulite and sagging.

Consider the basal metabolic rate

The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that the body needs both to increase and to maintain or reduce its weight. This number varies in relation to sex, age, hormones, among other factors.

You can use a basal metabolic rate calculator (there are several on the internet, or check with your doctor). It will tell you how many calories you must consume in order to lose weight . Always based on your age.

Eat healthy always, not only if you are over 40

Healthy food

Do not hesitate to consume foods that are healthy and good for your health. For example, lemon water, flaxseeds, fiber for breakfast, cinnamon, almonds, salmon, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, and red fruits.

Diet must be balanced. It must contain daily the portions we need of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. 

Sleep enough

This is essential at any age. However, as the 4 decades pass, it is necessary to get enough rest to recover from the activities carried out.

There are no precise number of hours per day, but they can’t be less than 6. Don’t go to the other extreme and sleep more than 8 hours straight.

Both lack and excess sleep make you fat. Why? Because in the first case, more amounts of a hormone called cortisol (the stress hormone) are produced. This makes you eat more.

In the second, because without exercising or moving when you sleep, you will be accumulating in your body everything you ate. It is worth considering.

If you are over 40, you should have a checkup

Finally, if you are over 40 and can not lose weight even if you eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep, do not despair. Perhaps the problem is due to metabolic problems, such as thyroid dysfunction, for example.

Many women suffer from hypothyroidism and don’t know it. This pathology slows down the metabolic rate. In addition, it not only does not allow weight loss but in some cases increases it. Other symptoms that you have thyroid problems are: chronic tiredness, circulation problems, or cold extremities.

Follow these tips and don’t lose hope. Although losing weight is more difficult as we get older, with these tips you will achieve it in a very healthy way. Ahead!

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