Weight Loss Tips For Men Who Want To Lose Weight

Looking for some proven weight loss tips for men?

When a person sets out to lose weight, it will not be easy: you have to overcome anxiety, the desire to eat, hunger, etc. But when you get past a certain age, all of those factors multiply, further complicating your intention to lose weight. Therefore, we have summarized in this report the best tricks to lose weight for men.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the metabolism slows down with age, which causes a generalized increase in weight. Various studies have revealed that the cause is related to a reduction in testosterone levels, and even research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reveals that testosterone supplementation helps increase men’s basal metabolic rate.

The first tip for weight loss is to get up earlier : Research from Northwestern University revealed that those who get sunlight first thing in the morning had a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who got up later. In addition, other studies associate the fact of getting up early with more optimistic people and with less stress: this can reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that can also store abdominal fat.

Lose weight from the first hour

Once standing, the next tip is to start the day with an apple: it contains about 5 grams of fiber and the skin is also rich in pectin, an effective fiber to increase healthy intestinal bacteria. It is not the only thing that is recommended to eat: the pomegranate is very healthy and some studies assure that it is perfect for losing weight and reducing stress. Not only that: it is rich in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure and fights cholesterol.

Sleeping longer, getting up earlier, or eating protein are some of the tips for men who have turned 40

Another thing that can not be missed in our breakfast are eggs , since they have a lot of protein. Several studies that have compared eating eggs with the same calories in carbohydrates revealed that those who decided on eggs lost more kilos. And, between meals, no chocolates: you have to eat nuts.

Eating salmon, substituting vinegar for sauces or introducing garlic into our diet are other top tips when we are facing a weight loss process. But also carrots, chia seeds, bananas and tomatoes are very interesting foods from a nutritional point of view and they cannot be missing in our diet when we are trying to lose weight.

Experts consulted by MSM also aim to reduce salt intake . A study showed that an excess of sodium did not cause more thirst, but on the contrary, you drank less water and you were more hungry. On the contrary, they did recommend eating beets, sweet potatoes, cherries and other healthy and healthy foods such as artichoke or berries .

Top tips for losing weight

The next thing to do is eat slowly : This is particularly important for those over 40 as it increases the level of satiety and helps regulate the hormonal response of the intestine, making it easier to control cravings. It is also very important to know what foods we should eat and which we should not eat and we should eliminate trans fats , those found in industrial pastries, pre-cooked foods, fast food, snacks, etc.

The sport can not miss after 40, but instead of doing cardio, a study by Harvard Medical School revealed that just 20 minutes of weight training the risk of abdominal obesity was reduced in men. However, another study recommends doing high-intensity HIIT exercises: That’s because interval-training interval sports, in addition to helping you lose weight, also fought cholesterol and high blood pressure.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to run: Other research reveals that running about 20 miles a week helps reduce belly fat. Another trick is to exchange coffee for rooibos tea . This type of tea is rich in aspalantine, a flavonoid that helps reduce cortisol levels in the bloodstream, and therefore reducing abdominal fat that is stored in the body.

Drinking plenty of water and eating several times a day are still two of the most repeated tips by nutrition experts

Finally, two tips that have to do with our day-to-day: the first, do not eat while watching television, since it is proven that you eat at least 10 percent more food than if you are focused on what is to be eaten; the second, sleep enough hours each day. 

Hope these weight loss tips for men were helpful, comment below and tell us your views.


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