6 Best Trading Platforms in India 2023

Trading and investing in stock market has grown significantly in India and has witnessed its popularity in recent few years, owing to the country’s developing economy and rising financial literacy among its residents. As more people aspire to join in the fast-paced world of trading and investment, the demand for trustworthy platforms has become critical. This article will provide you a brief summary of popular trading platforms available in India for both learner and professional traders.

However, if you go through and compare the stock brokers you will not find any much difference in their charges and pricing structure but what really important among them is the interface, service, support and the technology they provide to their customers.

Therefore, we have come up with 6 best trading platforms in India which may help you to decide the best trading terminal.

Top 6 Trading Platforms in India – Best Platform for Trading



To Open Account in Zerodha: https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=YF2536

Zerodha, often hailed as one of the India’s largest retail stock broker with over 1 crore clients and almost contributing over 15% of all retail order volumes in Indian stock market daily by trading and investing, has transformed the trading scene with its advanced offerings. This platform has a solid infrastructure, a smooth user experience, and a wide range of investing alternatives which includes Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Mutual Funds, and others. Zerodha’s revolutionary pricing model, with zero brokerage charges on equity investments and maximum of Rs 20/- per executed orders for Intraday across all segments, has attracted millions of users, making it a popular choice among traders.

Charges for account opening

Type of accountEquity (for trades on Equity, F&O and Currency)Equity (for trades on Equity, F&O and Currency) and Commodity (MCX)
Online accountRs 200/-Rs 300/-
Offline accountRs 400/-Rs 600/-
NRI account (offline only)Rs 500/-NA
Partnership, LLP, HUF, or Corporate accounts (offline only)Rs 500/-Rs 800/-


Please Note: The above-mentioned charges are as on Aug 2023 and the charges may vary in future.

Check out Full Pricing Details: https://zerodha.com/charges#tab-equities

Key Features:

  • Zero Brokerage for Equity Delivery.
  • User-friendly and easy to use for beginners.
  • Provides real time data, advance charting tools and indicators for technical analysis.
  • One click order placement and personalized price alerts.
  • Multiple Watchlist and can add upto 50 stocks in one Watchlist.
  • Allows investor to invest directly in Mutual Funds via Zerodha Coin.
  • “Varsity” by Zerodha Provides free Education content.

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Upstox is another prominent platform that has grown in popularity due to its simple trading interface and advanced features. It provides reasonable brokerage rates, an easy-to-use interface, and a broad range of investing opportunities in equities, derivatives, commodities, and currencies. Upstox’s mobile app delivers real-time market data, customized charts, and access to various analytical tools, allowing traders to make informed investing decisions on the move.

Account Opening URL: https://upstox.com/

Check out Full Pricing Details: https://upstox.com/brokerage-charges/

Key Features:

  • Free Account Opening
  • Zero commission for Mutual Funds and IPO.
  • Real time data, advance charting tools and indicators.
  • Trade directly from charts and Multi chart setup.
  • All in one Dashboard to track Open Position, Holdings and Orders details at one place.
  • Access to calculators such as Brokerage calculator, Margin calculator, SIP calculator, Options Strategy Builder and much more.
  • Free educational content.
  • Option Chain on TradingView where you can select upto 30 strike prices, view Option Greeks and trade directly from Option Chain.



Angel One is one of the best full-service broker with over 1 crore registered users. Angel One, which is widely known for its trading services and offers wide range of investment at discounted price as similar to other discount brokers available in the market.

Angle One makes your investment decision easy to understand the trend of the market and free investment recommendation and tips from the market experts.

In addition, Angel Broking provides a variety of teaching tools, such as webinars, tutorials, and a trading academy. Also, it offers a special feature known as ARQ, an AI-based investment engine that provides specialized investment suggestions.

Account Opening URL: https://www.angelone.in/open-demat-account

Check out Full Pricing Details: https://www.angelone.in/exchange-transaction-charges

Key Features:

  • Free Account Opening
  • Zero AMC (Account Maintenance Charges) for first Year.
  • Diversify your Portfolio in Stocks, Mutual funds, ETF’s, US Stocks, Bonds etc.
  • Listed In NSE and BSE
  • Stock Recommendation and advisory tips for mutual funds and equities for free.
  • Call and Email support available but may be delay in response.
  • Real time news updates.
  • Open Live market data in MS Excel.
  • Heat map, charting tools, historical charts and technical indicators.



Focus Your Energy and Reform Self in short known as FYERS.

Fyers offers a wide range of tools and trading platforms for desktop and mobile devices, incorporating a highly tech-driven approach to professional trading. Additionally, it provides online brokerage services for a variety of financial products, including derivatives, mutual funds, and stocks.

Fyers comes up with a unique feature where traders can directly place orders from chart and you can manage your position by just drag and drop.

Account Opening URL: https://open-account.fyers.in/?id=XP10668

Check out Full Pricing Details: https://fyers.in/charges-list/

Key Features:

  • Free Account Opening
  • Zero AMC (Account Maintenance Charges)
  • Zero Brokerage for Equity Delivery.
  • Fyers One Desktop Trading Software with features like Live scanners, OI data, Gainers and Losers, advance charting tools and technical indicators and much more
  • Trade directly from TradingView Platform.
  • School of Stock to learn about Stock Market.
  • Place order from Chart and also set Targets and Stoploss at one place.
  • In-built Trend tracker and Live scanner.



One of India’s most rapidly expanding technology- and product-driven stock broking platform, Dhan offers its users blazing-fast investment and trading experiences.

Dhan has built for super traders with advanced tools and features which helps traders to trade online across all segments like Stocks, F&O, commodity & currencies.

“Options Trader” web and mobile app for option traders with unique features which makes it special to trade in options. It has some amazing features like Prebuilt option strategies, Pay-off graph, Market outlook, Live market scanner and Option Greeks.

Account Opening URL: https://invite.dhan.co/?invite=SPIQC21205

Check out Full Pricing Details: https://dhan.co/pricing/

Key Features:

  • Free account opening, No AMC charges and platform fees.
  • 50% off on brokerage for women.
  • Real time market data streaming.
  • Technical tools to analyze trend and patterns.
  • Options Trader mobile App for option traders with unique features.
  • Advance option chain analysis
  • Trader’s diary to track you trades.
  • NO Charges for strategies, scanners, market information and insights.
  • Deep OTM strikes to Hedge your positions.

6. 5Paisa


Another well-known discount broker, 5Paisa, provides low-cost brokerage and an easy-to-use website. Stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and bonds are just a few of the investing alternatives it offers. The trading platform of 5Paisa offers a range of order types, classy charting tools, and real-time data. Furthermore, it enables traders to set up personalized price notifications and place trades with a single click. Additionally, the platform has a desktop software called TradeStation that enables traders real-time market updates and analysis.

Account Opening URL: https://www.5paisa.com/

Check out Full Pricing Details:  https://www.5paisa.com/brokerage-charges

Key Features:

  • Offers free access to news, research and free recommendation and advisory.
  • User-friendly interface, real-time market updates, and advanced analytical tools.
  • Allows to invest in US Stocks.
  • One click order placement and advance charting and drawing tools.
  • Predefined stock screeners.


In conclusion, trading and investing in India has witnessed significant growth in 2023, with a variety of platforms offering diverse features and services. We explored the best trading and investing platforms available to Indian investors, taking into account their key features, user-friendliness, reliability, and customer support.

Based on our analysis Zerodha continues to be a popular choice, thanks to its low fees, advanced trading tools, and intuitive interface.

FAQs – Best Trading Platform in India

Q – Which trading platform is best for India?

Zerodha is often regarded as one of the best trading platforms in India. It offers low brokerage fees, a user-friendly interface, and a range of advanced trading tools. Zerodha also provides access to various investment options, including stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and bonds.

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Q – Which trading is most profitable in India?

Determining the most profitable form of trading in India can be subjective and depends on various factors, including an individual’s risk appetite, investment knowledge, and market conditions.

Q – Which trading is best for earning money?

Different trading approaches come with their own advantages and challenges. If you want to make money every day, you should do intraday trading.

Q – Which trading gives highest return?

Successful trading requires knowledge, experience, discipline, and continuous learning. It’s crucial to develop a trading strategy, conduct thorough research, and practice proper risk management to mitigate potential losses. Additionally, traders should only risk capital they can afford to lose and consider seeking advice from professionals if needed.

Q – Which trading is good for beginners?

For beginners, it’s generally recommended to start with trading approaches that are relatively easier to understand and have a lower barrier to entry. Investments in Stocks are particularly good for beginners to test.

Q – Can I take trading as a career?

Yes, you can make trading as a career but you should have a passion for financial markets, a strong interest in trading, and a dedication to continuous learning. However, it’s important to consider certain factors before deciding to take trading as a career.

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