6 Easy Hair Hacks To Get Long, Thick ,Healthy & Beautiful Hair – Try Them Today

Do you sometimes experience slowhair growth hair fall or even baldness yes most of us do but there are many easy and unusual hair growth hacks from all around the world that will help your hair grow thicker and longer.

Six Super Easy Hair Hacks To Get Long, Thick ,Healthy & Beautiful Hair

1. The first super easy trick that helps hair grow faster while sleeping is simply calming your hair thoroughly before going to bed did you know that your hair grows the most while youre sleeping this is because this Kulp gets the maximum blood supply while laying down brushing or combing your hair is an exercise for your scalp that increases the blood circulation on the scalp and increases the flow of blood to the hair follicles doing this exercise before sleeping is especially very effective for hair growth detangle your hair before bedtime also helps your hair to remain neat and frizz free in the morning you will wake up with tangle-free and highly nourished hair.

2. The upside downor inversion technique which is done by lowering the head from the bed just before you go to sleep lowering the head down increases the blood supply to the skull the blood containing oxygen rushes to the scalp and nourishes the hairfolicles this fresh supply of blood helps the hair grow faster lower your head from the bed very carefully and slowly massage your hair with your fingers for at least five to ten minutes this can be done every night or at least three times a week for visible results massaging the scalp increases the blood supply to the scalp and when youre lying down with your hair lowered it will speed up the hair growth process even more another easy way of lowering your head is to flip all your hair forward you can do this by standing or sitting comfortably on a chair or a couch flip your hair forward and gently massage your scalp with your fingers for five minutes this will increase fresh blood supply to your scalp and will nourish your hair and make your hair grow faster and longer pregnant women should be very careful while doing this and should not put too much pressure on the abdomen.

3. This hack involves the rubbing of your finger nails together with someforce you should grab all your fingers together except your thumb rubbing the fingernails together for at least 10 to 20 minutes every day will help your hair grow longer and stronger and will help preventing hair loss people with high blood pressure and pregnant women should not perform this therapy.

4. This super effective hack for her growth while sleeping is to tie your hair in a braidbefore bedtime traditionally braiding is a very common practice in Asian culture to help the hair grow at night tie your hair in a loose braid before going to bed you will see a lot of difference in how your hairgrows when you tie it in a loose braid when you sleep with your hair lose and spread all over the bed it breaks the hair and makes it tangles and unmanageable in the morning but when it is tied in a loose braid the hairstays in place and remains neat and manageable next morning.

5. Avoid tied hairstyles hair strands are pulled by tight braids buns or any sort of accessories that cause stress on the hair follicles help follicles hold an individual strand of hair on the scalptied hairstyles and pulling of the hair causes hair breakage and reduce bloodsupply which can result in permanent hair loss the hair should be tied in lose her styles so that there is no damage caused to the hair follicle.

6. Last hack is to not wrap your hair in the towel after you wash it ifyou do wrap your hair in the SAU after shower you are making a big mistake when the hair is wet it is more prone to breakage the weight of the towel can easily break your hair from the roots by pulling the wet hair just squeeze out the excess water and let it air dry.

These were the super-easyhacks that can help hair fall break edge and can grow your hair long and thick.


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